Sunday, 30 November 2014

Goodbye my fellow followers. This is my last blog post ever. Well for this year at least...... This is the worst but best day ever. We got to have a shared lunch. But it' sad  because it is the last day, at Enrich@ILT, for this year :(
Ohh! I didn't tell you but it was so cool......
                       KATIE HAD HER BABY
                     She is called Pippa lovely name!!!
Back to what I was saying it is the last day. My best part at enrich was the technology

 Thanks Neave

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Custom Glitter Text

Split, splat, slop. We,Briana, Rhylee,and I, were doing our painting and we were getting more of the paint on the ground than the paper. We were doing flick painting which is painting a background piece and picking as many colours as we wanted to do. I did four colours and one for the background colour. I did my background colour a light blue that I made. My splatter colours were pink, yellow, green and purple.They are qwirky!! We had to do the splattering today because Briana and I wont be here next week because we will be at a young leader course.

See ya next week

Neave .

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Goal

My goal this term is going to be: to try and  push myself even more!!:-)

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Ammmmmm, Ammm, Ammmmm, I don't know!!!!  Wait it is ohhh I should not say other wise you won't be able to try and get the answer at the end. They are hard! Well I don't have long so I should probably get on with it. Well I was going to say that was a boring way to start it goes more like this.... One morning a girl was trying to figure out the answer to some question but she was struggling. 5 minutes later she got it uh ha. Typing her answers up she had just sent it and the music went on. Her and the rest of the class split and went in there groups and this little girl did art. Today they did some circles of life. Well that is a bit over exaggerated but they had to go and  play some music and do what the music made them feel.

Oh sorry got to go 
Thanks Neave. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Busy bee

Drawing, drawing find some patterns to do. Oh Hi I did not see you there not that I can see you but you know what I mean. Any way we were doing Picasso art and we were finishing off illustrating, well should I say patterns.  I have almost finished but I still need to do some more patterning.

After morning tea "PASSION PROJECT" I have FINALLY started to film my animation but I am doing it on "I can animate" I am half way through it and I just need to do the other half and then send it away. So it is going well.

Well I now have to go but first I would like to share a joke. What do you call a zoo with only one animal and it is a dog?
A shit-zu!!!!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Picasso sketching

Don't smile!Don't smile! Oh Hi we were doing art and we had to take a photo to try and copy. We were partnered up, and I was with Natasha.
When we were getting our photo taken, it was like getting your passport photo done as you were not allowed to smile. We did this until morning tea. I have started and finished sketching Natasha, but now we have to start colouring it in but we are doing that next week.

You Need: 
art pencil
felts or paint

Step one: You need to take a head and shoulders photo side on and front on. Then you print it.

Step two: You now get your pencil and paper and start sketching it and then you go over in vivid.

Step three: Now you start to rub out all the lines.

That is all we got up to and now I have to go.
See you next time 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Wowwee!!! Holidays are over already and it is the first week at Enrich@ILT.
Back to school fun some people think.  I do for sure because I get to come here. Today we all ready have done some sessions  With Paul we did more on our digital footprint, and we got to make a footprint on which we had to write four things to keep us safe on the internet. I wrote the following: don't share your passwords, don't use your real name use a nickname. With Katie we did                   Model of Giftedness. We just went over what it meant to us. . With Nicola we did a stress work shop and learned how to handle stress. We watched a clip on how to handle stress and we had to doodle to relax.

We are back from having lunch and we are doing our discovering our past. I have had a good run  because I got my family tree done and I don't have to re-type it out because I did that at home!!

See you next time (hopefully)
Till next time